Planting a Garden


One of the best ways to get started involving yourself with what you eat is growing your own food. It doesn’t take a lot of work and the rewards can be very satisfying. It can be as simple as clearing a spot in your back yard, turning some dirt, planting some seeds, giving them a little care and water, and watching them grow. For my garden pictured above I have planted the following:

• Delicious
• Wapsipinicon Peach
• Super Choice
• Tomatillo
• Chocolate Cherry
• Pink German Johnson
• Yellow Grape
• Costoluto Genovese
• Isis Candy
• Pink Girl
• Black Sea Man

• Bush Crop
• Burpless

• Cushaw Green Stripped

Sweet Peppers
• Napoleon Sweet
• Chinese Giant
• Pasilla Bajio
• Alma Paprika
• King of the North
• Golden California Wonder
• Corno di Toro
• Sheep Nose Pimento
• Sweet Cayenne

Hot Peppers
• Fish
• Lemon Drop
• Nubian

• Swiss Chard
• Kale
• Arugula (Rocket)

From seeds I am growing radishes, yellow beans, green beans, snow peas, spaghetti squash, egg plants, and herbs (cilantro, lemon basil, and parsley). I also have two alpine strawberry plants and some vidalia onions in pots. I purchased the tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumber plants, squash plants, and greens from Funke’s Greenhouses a local business. This is a great resource for heirloom and rare varieties of tomato and pepper plants. They have around 130 tomato varieties and more than 100 pepper varieties.

The best part of planting a garden is that you can grow as little or as much as you want. I started out growing a limited number of varieties and in turn this year I am experimenting with numerous varieties. Once you pick your first heirloom tomato off the vine and sink your teeth into the succulent flavorful brightly colored flesh and the juice drips down your chin the experience will live with you forever and you will know what a tomato is supposed to taste like.

Fun fact: the tomato is a fruit, although it is used as a vegetable in cooking.


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